The Basement

Quick facts

--Species:Humanoid cassette robot thing
--16 personalities(probably bs, but fun): INTJ-T
--Gay?: Extremely, also taken
--Pets: Edgar the megaferret
--Favorite number: 156, for obvious reason
--Pronouns: He/him, V/H/S/HS/VHS(I use neos soley for fun, feel free to ignore 'em)
--Favorite musicians: Lemon Demon, OK Glass, sElf, TMBG, Jack Stauber, Andrew WK, Oingo Boingo, Will Wood, Dolphin Uppercut Avenger, Tally Hall, Pleasentries, Jonathan Culton, Nullsleep, Louie Zong, Bit Shifter, Gary Numan, 1 Trait Danger, The Creepshow 2 Soundtrack.

--I'm the sorta webmaster of the strange, strange neck of the woods that is Curiocities. I'm not the sole contributior though, there are some other people, but I did all the CSS and stuff so I'm claiming the title of webmaster.

--You can get the basic stuff about me from reading that Quick Facts thing but there's more about me hereI'm L-750, you can call me L, or if you don't want to call me a random string of letters and numbers you can call me Ellio, I'm just some dork who likes the internet a bit too much. ADD MORE STUFF HERE, L, DO IT

--Typing stuff

--Little fun fact about me, I've been trapped inside of an otherworldly basement for all of my life, the door at the top of the stairs is locked and honestly I don't know if there's even a house up there. But it's fine 'cuz this place has pretty fast WiFi(the password is g00nThEo27, if you plan on coming over), a steady supply of food that just appears randomly(My current favorites are McDuff the talking dog corn chips and Orbitz soda) and a ton of phsyical media that also shows up out of nowhere(All formats, the most common one being VHS(670(and counting)) and the least common being stone rune(3)) which I spend most of my time looking through and digitizing. Thus the name of this page.

--Quizz results

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I am a Misdreavus!