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Normally I can't remember my dreams, hopefully though if I write them down enough I can start to remember them more often, that's what this page is for. If a dream for a specific date cannot be remembered then it will not be listed.

June 2022

I was in a weird mall downtown heading down the escalator when a woman opened fire on all the patrons of the place, I was just a couple feet behind her and really freaking out, she ended up not noticing me and I was able to escape via a series of underground tunnels. The rest of the dream was me dealing with the trauma of living through a mass shooting.

April 2022

It was night when I woke up in my dream knowing that there was a creature known as Mr.Noise entering my house. I heard him open the door and start to walk around the house making menacing childish vocalizations eventially saying 'What's the point of life if you don't have noise?' Which, I'll give it to him, the personification of my sensory issues has good taste in movies. I ended up getting scared to the point where I just decided to wake up(for real this time) Once I did I came to the strange realization that I'd been sleeping with my eyes open, which is pretty weird. I ended up having a second dream that night in which I accidentally broke into somebody's house.

THIS FUCKING GUY WON'T STOP SHOWING UP IN MY GODDAMN DREAMS, like a few months ago every dream I could remember my friend would show up in, not in any particularly special role either, I'd be doing dream things, and walk into a room to find him in a corner just chilling, or I'd be in a group of nondescript dream folks and he'd be hanging out with them, this pissed me off because I feel like there's implications here but I'm not sure what they are. After a while he stopped showing up. UNTIL LAST LAST NIGHT, remember how in the last entry I said I was at a movie theater that my friend had his birthday party in as a kid? It was him, in last night's dream it was the apocalypse and I was walking around with some girl and he was just hanging out on a on of those inflatable pool dolphins in a lake on the side of a mountain looking at the post apocalyptic orange sky. I asked him what he was doing and he said 'The sky is orange.' I woke up in a cold sweat.

I watched six movies in one day, the last two were in a weird fucked up version in a movie theater that my friend had his birthday party in as a kid.

I go on a road trip up to Nor-NorCal(Like Shasta-y NorCal) and we end up in this redwood-y town(Like Cresent City, but if it was one or two miles east) that was plagued by wildfires and as me and my family are walking around we go through a tunnel and see the golden gate bridge but it's giant like holy shit it's big in an inexplicably horrifying way, nobody else is bothered but it completely destroyed me. Not really a nightmare but I almost threw up at the sight of the bridge.


I befriend an object show fan, which is weird because I absolutely hate object shows(no reason, they just annoy me) and console them through some bad news about their dad.

My parents stalk me and systematically take away everything that makes me able to behave like a normal persn. Almost like real life!

March 2022

Secret catgirl hides amongst an army of anti-catgirls, they confide in me about their catgirl-ness.(Also airplanes?)

I can't remember much, I just remember my hands being covered in blood in some sort of wasteland enviornment.