Self diagnosed

Name Media Notes
Tobias Animorphs What a guy. What a fucking guy.
Kid Vid Burger King Kids Club N/A
Arby Utopia(American vers) Not changing the name for spoilers reasons.
Herbert West The Re-Animator movies Who doesn't kin this guy.
lakitu Mario He's so cool [8
Dr. Roberts Dream Corp LLC Another mad scientest. I just want those USB things he has in his hands.
Salem the Cat Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Gay cat
Jocelyn Ace & Jocelyn(Jake and Amir spinoff) Wow it's almost like I project on this guy who has convinced himself that he's friends with somebody who really hates him in real life.
Arnold The Magic School Bus As a kid I thought he was a real wet blanket but now that I'm a cool hip teen who can't go on field trips due to mental illnes I get it.
Professer Plum Clue(the board game) What.
Loony Bird The New Rock-Afire Explosion Another scientest guy
Gage What Happens Next He has the transmasc loser swag that I see in myself and the people around me
Ash Fantastc Mr.Fox I spent my childhood feeling intensely that emotion of 'why am I not special?
Jeremy Crow Secret Of Nimh *falls on my face*


Name Media Notes
Hal 9000 2001 A Space Oddessy This is just like that one Nuclear Bubble Wrap song
The Manager The Hotel(podcast) Besides seeing some fanart of them here and there I have no clue who this guy is and Google wasn't any help. This could be a subtle dig at me who knows. I don't completely trust you, Ridley./silly
Autism Brain People keep telling me they think I have autism because I have sensory modulation disorder and agoraphobia and I like routines and I'm an Animorphs fan and I prefer to keep to myself and I'm extremely pedantic and I keep trying to get the people in my life to watch Primer with me and you know what? Maybe. You know who else might have autism? Stephin Merrit of the hit indie band The Magnetic Fields. He put that line in that song about it. And I think that guy's pretty cool. So fine.