Name Media Notes
Tobias Animorphs What a guy. What a fucking guy.
Kid Vid Burger King Kids Club N/A
Arby Utopia(American vers) Not changing the name for spoilers reasons
Herbert West The Re-Animator movies Who doesn't kin this guy
lakitu Mario He's so cool [8
Dr. Roberts Dream Corp LLC Another mad scientest. I just want those USB things he has in his hands.
Salem the Cat Sabrina the Teenage Witch Gay cat
Jocelyn Ace & Jocelyn(Jake and Amir spinoff) Wow it's almost like I project on this guy who has convinced himself that he's friends with somebody who really hates him in real life.
Arnold The Magic School Bus As a kid I thought he was a real wet blanket but now that I'm a cool hip teen who can't go on field trips due to mental illnes I get it.
Professer Plum Clue(the board game) What.