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I'm a big fan of going through the activity tab on the Neocities homepage, I love seeing new unfinised sites and sites I've been looking through for years updated to the point that I don't even recognize them, every website is a peek into somebody's head.
Note:The opinions and beliefs expressed by the authors of these sites do not reflect my own views, I'm not going to put some heinous alt right shit on here but don't try to get me on that Twitter guilt by assosiation train.


You probably know them already but if you don't then you should. Here are the links. And some handy summaries.

Really cool art, music and robotics stuff, has some fantastic fanpages for Lemon Demon and They Might Be Giants, coined the term telephony as a name for a genre of music and is the reason I made this site in the first place!

Twelve Men
Info on a bunch of personal projects, media reccomendations and collections of some guy. The aesthetic of the site, and specifically its retired red redesign is a pretty big inspiration for this here website.

Melon King
A ton of resources and activities on a site with some maximalist charm, I kinda ripped off that window gif on the homepage and you know what? I feel no remorse.

People I Know

The Pearly Gaits
A website by my good pal, Johnny Highstepper. You might see parts of it and go 'Christ on a bycicle! A few elements look like those found on this here!' And there's a perfectly reasonable explaination to that, see me and him were both bit by the same rat with a rare dicease that makes you really good at websites at a young age at exactly the same time on different sides of the planet.