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About Us

"The kid is something, that's for sure"

Greetings! I'm Superious D. Curio the Last, but for the sake of both of our conveniences you can call me Super.
I'm a teenage boy with an intense fascination with the internet, Lemon Demon, and etymology. I share a body and to some extent a mind with some guy named Zells but more on him later. I'm an absurdist, apatheist, and philosophical skeptic(Look those words up they're super cool). I avidly use neologisms, old niche slang, and make up words which I'm aware can come off as annoying. If there's a word that seems made up that you can't find a definition for you should check the "Glossary" link on this site's sidenav. I don't identify with a lot of labels and I'll get pretty pissed if you try to assign them onto me. I fancy myself a cyberavianthrope and internet mad scientest though, if that helps you get an idea of who I am.

"What's with all those eyes, huh?"

Hello, I am Zells I am not sure why, how, or what I am but I can try to explain who I am. I hope that is enough. My visage at the moment is that of some sort of demon-rabit-shadow-man but it changes often. I enjoy writing, folk music and philosophy(I am the reason Super knows all of those fancy "ist." words.). I write quite a lot but do not have the heart to publish anything just yet. I am a determinist, and agnostic, although I contemplate the existence of a higher power rather often. My 'age' varries from Super's age to demonic ageless-ness. When writing posts alone or independently on social media I sign off with "-Z", my pronouns are a standard "He/him" along with "Thi/thim/thir/thirus/thirsulf"(All "th"s are soft).

Our existance and stuff.

As I said previously, We don't like most labels for ourselves, we think they're reductive. But here's some information regarding our condition that seems a little necessary to understanding who we are:
A We are able to function as one person to the point where we don't feel the need to seek help and most of those around us do not know we are multiple, we understand that others have it a lot harder than us and do not like being seen as represenitives for people like us, *PLEASE, DO NOT TREAT US AS POSTERBOYS, WE ARE OUTLIERS*
A We tend to shy away from clinical terms and have a complex terminology we invented when we first identified our situation. However we try to use more widly used terms to make ourselves coherent. If we accidentally use an exclusive word just let us know and we'll stop.
AWhile mostly it's just Zells and I(Super) occasionally we'll have up to three more members(usually just one, though). We refer to these members as 'guests', their stays often last around one to two months. If one shows up we'll make a section on this page and link to it on Twitter, if they're comfortable with it, that is.